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Il est ... or C'est... ?

Saying "Il est.. " instead of " C'est..." in French is a very common mistake.

Why? Because in English we always say "He's a very nice person" or: "She's a layer", or "They are my friends". The problem is... in French sometimes we say "Il est ... " or "Elle est... " but very often we have to use "C'est ..." or " Ce sont..." When ?

1. After "Il est", Elle est, or Ils sont we never use an article:

2. "C'est un..." before a noun ... "Il est... " + adjective :

3. "C'est normal." (- end of a sentance) but: "Il est normal de ..." :

And now, let's try to do this exercice:

Put your answers in the comment section. Let me know if tou have any further questions and please check Le Coin Etudiant for more exercices !


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