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How to start learning French?

Let's face it : French language doesn't have very a good reputation. People say it's difficult, hard to pronunce, with complicated grammar... Is that true? Is it really so hard to learn French?

Attitude is everything

This is something I learned during my almost 18 years career as a French Teacher: attitude is EVERYTHING. Some students start their first lesson with complaining and anticipating how difficult it's going to be... and they really go slower than my students with a positive attitude and an open mind. Take one or two lessons a week, repeat with your PDF lesson summary 5 to 10 minutes a day (instead ofstrolling Instagram ;) and your French is going to be just fine. Also, don't forget practicing on Quizlet!

What is really hard? We hear it all the time: French is hard. What exactly?

  • Pronunciation - ok. Some sounds are different, but, you know... unlike English, there are rules! And, as you can see HERE, not so many. You see?

  • Grammar - again, French Grammar is more complex than English, but not harder than German or Spanish grammar. All you need is an experienced teacher to explain it. In FrenchSoEasy we work a lot with so-called AUTOMATISATION. Your teacher will make you translate very short and easy sentences that include a grammatical problem till it's completely automatic and untill you don't need to think about the rule.

Ready to start? You will feel much more confident after having learned some basic rules about French. How do we make a sentence? How to ask a question? How do you make a sentence negative? Let's take a quick look:

VERBS: Actually, the harderst thing to learn in French is ... present tense. Some verbes (words like: to sing, to give, to eat) are very regular (as you can see on the right). I eat - Je mange, you eat = tu manges. Some verbes are much harder to conjugate but I have good new for you: past or futur tenses are much easier.

Make sure you check the prononciation on Quizlet or with a teacher on FrenchSoEasy. You can meet them here:

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