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Whatever your level is, our teachers will guide you from being a complete beginner to fluent French. Grammar, exams, A-level, professional goals or a simple conversation... We offer made-to-measure lessons, tailored to your needs!

In the comfort of your own home 

Learning a language can be a real pleasure! You can learn in your free time, with a cup of your favourite tea in your hands and with your cat on your laps. 

From beginner to advanced

Visual Interactive Whiteboard

Your teacher will use an interactive whiteboard, which helps to share books, images, text, videos and much more ... in real-time! You can draw on it, insert pictures, complete exercises, watch videos, underline some parts of a text, take notes, put stickers... And the best part is - after the class, you will receive all of it in one file attached to your email. Isn't that great?


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