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Nowadays there is no need to convince anyone that foreign languages should be taught at the earliest possible age. This is often what success at a later age can depend on.  

Exposing children to the proper pronunciation and immersing them in the language at young age significantly increases their motivation and the ease with which they acquire linguistic competence later in life.

Our concept

A child is a very demanding student and a teacher who struggles with fluency and correct language use will not be able to deliver interesting classes, and will not be the right example for the students to follow. When the pupil copies teacher’s specific idiolect as a child, they may later find it difficult to learn the proper pronunciation and correct daily expressions later on.

When native speakers teach kids...

With us, teachers are never left alone! As the don't often have any pedagogical background, FrenchSoEasy offers them access to ready-to-use concepts of short classes, prepared by our methodologists, as well as recordings, illustrations, songs, online games and much more teaching materials.


Parents can be sure of the high quality of classes that we offer. After every class, they are sent an e-mail with a lesson summary including key vocabulary with pronunciation, translated into one of the languages: English, Russian or Mandarin.

Why are we unique?

The Method

Our teachers have years of experience and a solid pedagogical background. But they also love kids! Lessons are real fun: we sing, we play, we repeat, we laugh ... all that kids love to do! Children learn a perfect native pronunciation without even noticing the hard work they do. Getting ready for A-levels or other exams is much easier later on if the child practices at an early age. 

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